Why should you really consider 4g Grass especially for football grounds?

Why should you really consider 4g Grass especially for football grounds?

There is no doubt that installation of 4g Grass in gardens has become quite popular nowadays, and of course, this is not at all a big blunder that is perceived by a number of people. Moreover, its striking pragmatism, together with its low maintenance nature provokes customers to shift to 4g Grass leaving behind real grass. Just scroll through to find out why 4g grass has gained so much relevance in the football industry. 

Key Benefits of using 4g Grass in the football industry:

(1) 4g Grass offers an all-weather surface: 4g Grass offer the perfect turf to play football on, irrespective of whether it’s raining or shining. 4g Grass provides sports surfaces that are free draining which is actually a major benefit when it comes to the sports industry.

Match cancellation due to waterlogged pitches have become a thing of the past. You as a football pitch owner will suffer a great loss if a match is cancelled due to waterlogging. Moreover, it’s very disheartening for the players as well. 

Any rain can clear out through the penetrable backing, if you employ 4g grass for your artificial turf. Thus, your surface will be completely free from puddling as well as standing water. 

Also 4g grass are proven to withstand long periods of rainfall, and will also turn brown or patchy, like real grass in the summer months. If you are planning for a surface that will permit playing all year round, 4g grass is the best choice for you. 

(2) 4g Grass is environment-friendly: It might surprise you but the proven fact is that 4g Grass is good for the environment as well. 4g Grass require very little water in comparison to natural grass. If there is excessive consumption of water, it’s not only harmful for the environment, but also it is financially disastrous for football clubs and schools as well. 

Moreover, 4g grass do not require any form of pesticide or fertilizer to keep them alive and in a usable condition. There can also be potentially harmful effects on players as well as the environment by the application of toxic chemicals which are used to maintain the real grass. Thus all these factors make 4g Grass a good choice for the environment.

(3) 4g Grass reduces the risk of Injury:  The threat of players getting frequently injured has reduced to a great extent, since the introduction of foam. The impact of trips and falls will be absorbed by these underlays, and thus the stress put on the player’s joints can be significantly reduced. Irrespective of whether you are a professional or amateur, injuries can cost you a lot, and if you are a professional, it can be economically crushing for other players as well as the club,

(4) 4g Grass looks and feels like Natural Grass: There was a time when synthetic grass was perceived to be quite realistic. But with the advancement of technology, the quality and realism of 4g Grass has reached to such sky scraping heights that it has become almost impossible to distinguish between 4g Grass and real grass. With a turf made up of 4g Grass, you get almost the real thing. To imitate the bounce and shock absorption of real turfs, several different types of infills are used in today’s sports pitches.

(5) 4g Grass requires low maintenance: Unlike real grass, 4g Grass does not require the domain of exhaustive maintenance tasks. To redistribute the infill layer, only a methodical drag brushing is required for 4g Grass. With the correct equipment at your fingertips, just a single member of the staff is required to carry out the process easily and quickly. 

Key Takeaway: 

Now that you have gone through all the benefits of 4g Grass, why confine yourself within the boundaries of real grass? Besides having huge benefits in the sports industry, 4g Grass also has a lot to offer you for your domestic needs as well. Get hold of companies selling 4g Grass and live tension free as you don’t need to make a regular maintenance plan with it. 

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