Who Did Melissa Roxburgh Play in Supernatural?

Who Did Melissa Roxburgh Play in Supernatural?

The actress is a member of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a group dedicated to helping people in war zones and disaster-prone third-world countries. As one of its most high-profile supporters, Melissa Roxburgh has recently taken to Instagram to promote an IRC-affiliated short film called Brave Girl Rising, which focuses on a young female Somali refugee living in a Kenyan refugee camp. Her post has garnered over three thousand likes, so far.


Netflix has picked up the Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh, a crime drama. The show was canceled by NBC in June but was picked up by Netflix in July. Roxburgh’s Instagram is now more than 352,000 followers, but the actress has yet to respond to questions about whether the show will be renewed. As of this writing, Roxburgh has not spoken about the Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh’s fate, but she did speak about the work she has done.

Manifest stars Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, a police officer who is part detective and part true believer. Her rise to the ranks is partly due to her trust in her Callings, the visions that occur to passengers after their plane travels forward by five and a half years. Roxburgh’s first reading of the pilot showed an immediate connection to the script and the character. The premise of the show is also intriguing.

Her relationship with co-star Andrew Jenkins

Melissa Roxburgh’s relationship with Andrew J. Jenkins is in the public eye again after the actress shared several pictures with the Canadian actor. The couple first met on the set of Lost Solace, where they quickly grew to love one another. Melissa began sharing pictures with her boyfriend on Instagram, and she captioned one of them with a heart. Fans flocked to the couple’s posts, and the two looked very happy.

While the two have not been linked for years, there are rumors floating around about a possible break-up. Roxburgh’s Instagram account seems to be offline right now, and it has been updated with mostly pet dog posts. This is what sparked rumors about a relationship between Roxburgh and Andrew Jenkins. However, Roxburgh’s social media presence is a bit erratic.

Her acting background

Lauren Walsh’s background is not typical. Born and raised in Marin County, California, she was the daughter of a dancer and choreographer. Although her parents had other careers, she never doubted her destiny in life. After graduating from UC Irvine with a BA in drama and the University of Nevada Las Vegas with an MFA in acting, she moved to New York City where she taught at the New York Film Academy and worked on a variety of outside projects.

Her passion for travel

Having studied ethnography, world cultures and travel, Amy Sights is a passionate global citizen who shares her passion for travel with other women. With the world changing so quickly, it is important to slow down and remember what connects us all. Through her work with Sights and Soul Travels, she applies the principles of creative energy to creating extraordinary experiences for women travelers. Her passion for travel began when she was a child.

Final Words:

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, exploring new cities, and volunteering for local nonprofit organizations. Her background in conservation education and environmental sustainability has also influenced her love of travel. As a graduate student at Western Washington University, she was inspired by the systemic oppression of minority groups. As a result, she became a volunteer with Save the Water and Take Back the Night organizations, and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University.


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