Which are the best sources to cover current affairs for UPSC CSE exam in the last two months?

Which are the best sources to cover current affairs for UPSC CSE exam in the last two months?

“Current events of national and international importance” or most favourite word “Current Affairs” among the students is “ACHILLES HEEL” in the UPSC Preparation journey. For now, daily current affairs Trust me, it is and it will always be the area of concern among the students. In this article I will guide you to cover the current affairs as a whole then I will come to YOUR QUESTION how to cover current affairs in last two months (though you have demanded more in less 😊 😉)

More or less every one follows the same things but the execution varies. So, lets come to the point:

What should be sources?

  • The Hindu Daily News Paper: ePaper or Offline (whichever is comfortable for you)
  • Indian Express (if you are not able to read the whole try, to read its explained page, you can access it on website to for comprehensive understanding of the particular topic.)
  • One daily compilation (Choose any among Eden IAS/ Insights/ Vision/ Civils Daily etc.)
  • All India Radio— Spotlight/Discussion
  • Misc. (RSTV’s Big Picture, India’s World, and PRS India)

Don’t be the crowd of finding the best website for current affairs covering, rather find any good one and stuck to it. It should be complimentary, after you have covered the newspaper, not the source for the covering news.

Time Limit:

  • Try to not spend more than two hours in any case over current affairs.
  • This time includes note making time too.

Focus Area in the News Paper:

  • Try to cover the issues, don’t put much focus on news (though don’t skip it).  Example: Issues of ‘Intolerance in India’, and news related to it are; Award Warsi, Dadari Lynching, killing of writers etc.
  • When you are covering the issue try read it on following given references:
  • Why is the issue in news?
  • What is the background?
  • Current status
  • Both sides of the issue.

Note: Try to include the given suggestions of editorial/opinion pages in your notes it will help you in writing answers in general studies and Essays.

Last but not Least:

If you are following above steps, you are covering almost 90-95% current affairs relevant to UPSC Examination. But most important thing for retaining this news is to revise, re-revise and repeat. This will help you subconsciously link the static and the current and helps you write a good answer when you take the test.

For revising the things, you can follow the pattern of solving MCQs and then if you are getting stuck in any concept, go and revise for today current affairs

Conscious Advice:

If possible, try to make your notes online, it will help you in updating the material easily and save your time in making notes.

Now the answer to your question of covering the Current Affairs in last two months is, read and revise your made notes or if you are in the category, who haven’t made the notes, then you can purchase any compilation from the market and read and revise through it.

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