What Colors Should You Choose for Your Braces?

What Colors Should You Choose for Your Braces?

If you’re looking to improve your smile’s appearance with braces, you’ll want to learn about the different colors available and how they affect your teeth and gums. Weighing all of your options will help you pick the right colors for your braces, so you can enjoy an overall improved appearance by the time your braces come off. Here are some of the options you can choose from when it comes to braces colors!

Understand that not all braces are created equal

While you might think that all braces are alike, there are subtle differences between models. For example, metal braces work differently than do ceramic braces, and Invisalign is a more customizable orthodontic treatment than traditional braces. Orthodontists know these differences inside and out—that’s why it’s important to know where to find one. When picking an orthodontist near me, I usually ask around until I can get recommendations from several people who have had great experiences with that professional. Also keep in mind that many orthodontists offer free consultations to help you determine if they’re right for you. If you live in Omaha and are trying to decide whether or not your teeth need some straightening out, reach out to us today!

Be aware of what each type can do for you

Invisalign, clear braces: The best thing about them is that they are virtually invisible. This means you can show off your smile and look great even while you’re in treatment. Plus, there is no need to take them out during meal times or before an important social gathering. You can brush and floss as usual and maintain your oral hygiene with ease. On top of all that, Invisalign is also a great choice if you are in a rush to finish treatment and don’t want to wait any longer than necessary. Keep in mind that these kinds of braces can only be used on certain cases of misalignment so talk to your orthodontist about whether it’s a good fit for you or not when making a decision.

Know your options

There are plenty of colors out there, and picking one can be tough. Here’s what you need to know.  Orthodontist Near Me First off, you should ask your orthodontist what color he or she recommends, if any. Most won’t care either way because they can do a great job with pretty much any color. Still, it never hurts to ask! That said, they will want you to choose colors that complement your skin tone so that they don’t stand out too much and draw attention away from them—something you definitely don’t want! ~~ What About Foil vs. Solid Colored Restraints?

Have a color scheme in mind

You might think you have enough colors to choose from, but when it comes time to pick a color scheme you’ll probably start second-guessing yourself. Narrow down your choices as much as possible before heading into your consultation. If you plan on choosing among white, light pastels and one bolder option (like blue or red), it will help limit your options to just a few shades. Choosing between more than three colors will leave you with too many choices—and more likely than not, some won’t end up looking good next to each other in person. It’s also important to consider whether or not bright colors are likely to distract from what is being said during an event or conversation.

Do you have braces as an adult?

Choosing colors for your braces as an adult might seem like a fairly straightforward endeavor. At least, in comparison to choosing them as a child. However, that’s not necessarily true! There are some things you should take into consideration before selecting any color of tooth-straightening brackets and they have nothing to do with just what looks good. In fact, there is actually some science involved. As such, it might make sense to consult your orthodontist first if you’re considering getting braces as an adult and want your teeth straightened right away rather than being patient with invisalign or other methods used by children or teens on their own accord. Now back to our original topic: what colors should you choose for your braces?

Know why your dentist uses certain colors on adults versus kids

The colors that your orthodontist will use in your braces treatment may vary based on whether you’re a child or an adult. After all, what’s appropriate to use on one patient isn’t necessarily appropriate for another. In both cases, however, you want to find a color scheme that reflects your personality and is complementary to other features in your smile. In general, it’s best to avoid bright colors like red, yellow and blue; instead, opt for more neutral tones such as pink or white.

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