what are the best skateboard bearings?

what are the best skateboard bearings?

With thousands of best skateboard bearings on the market, choosing a decision may be difficult, so we created this bearing guide to help you figure out which ones we carry. If you’re searching for basic bearings at a cheap price to get you moving, we have a few alternatives available for around £10. At first, they will suffice, but more costly bearings give speed that these cannot, which is why more seasoned skateboarders pay. This information, together with our carefully selected range of bearing alternatives, should make picking which bearings to invest in a little easier. What may appear to be one of your skateboard’s cheapest components may make a significant impact, hence why we always carry the finest. Here’s a list of firms that have created a line of bearings that we stock regularly. 


Bones Skateboard Bearings have been around since the 1980s when Powell Peralta founder George Powell went to Switzerland in search of speedier bearings. Companies have been striving to emulate his inventions in this sector ever since. Bones are still our most popular bearings, with a variety of alternatives to fit any budget. Every kit includes spacers, instructions, and a sticker, as well as pre-lubrication using Speed Cream racing lubricant. Since we launched, we’ve been offering boxes of Bones bearings, and they’re still flying out the door. Bones REDS are without a doubt our most popular bearing. They’re based on the same technical criteria as George Powell’s SWISS bearings, but they’re produced in a Chinese plant. The cages, bearing sizes, shields, and lubrication are all identical to the originals, but they’re made to be significantly less expensive. Bones SWISS are the most well-known skateboard bearings of all time. You won’t go back after trying them; we’ve always referred to them as the “Rolls Royce” of skateboard bearings, and they’re the difference between ordinary and spectacular. The most well-known Bones bearings are REDS and SWISS, but the company also produces Big REDS, Huge Balls REDS, CERAMIC SUPER REDS, SUPER SWISS 6 BALLS, and BONES SWISS CERAMICS. We understand that there are a lot of alternatives and that they might be confusing, but we’ve broken down all of them in our BONES BEARINGS BUYERS GUIDE.


For nearly as long as we’ve been operating, Spitfire has been creating the greatest wheels available. Since 1988, we’ve been receiving Spitfire items from DLX in San Francisco, and when they started creating bearings, we jumped on board right immediately. They manufacture some with our most popular and cost-effective bearings. Spitfire skateboard bearings vary from the basic Cheapshots to the more advanced Classics and finally the fastest Burners. That’s three distinct possibilities, all of which cost less than £20.


Since we originally opened our doors, independent trucks have been a part of Slam’s narrative, and we’ve always featured their vehicles in our cabinet. When producing the Genuine Parts series, they, like Spitfire wheels, designed their skateboard bearings. They have three different bearing options, all of which are under £20. When it comes to skateboard gear, Independent is a name you can trust, and Independence bearings are everywhere. Their GP-S bearings are the lowest choice, a plain sealed bearing with no frills. The GP-R and GP-B are the higher-end choices that can be used. Both of them come with spacers and washers in the box.


Bronson Speed Co is a company that lives up to its name. Their bearings are marketed as the quickest, strongest, longest-lasting, and longest-spin skateboard bearings ever created. Their next-generation bearings have been a huge hit. Bronson’s G2 bearings are an inexpensive alternative to Bones REDS. Due to further technical advancements, their G3 bearings are a price group higher. Deep groove raceways, smooth shields, microgroove raceway surfaces, and a max impact cage are all features of Bronson G3 bearings. Many of G3’s elite athletes, including Zion Wright, Nora Vasconcellos, and Jamie Foy, have sponsored the bearings. Bronson also has shieldless RAW bearings, which are their top-of-the-line offering. The very first shield-free bearing intended for skateboarding, they have gotten wonderful reviews all around, and are sure to deliver the gratifying sound promise by their Sonic Speed Technology. These are Bronson’s version of Bones SWISS, and they’re their quickest bearing yet. Bronson is a relatively young brand that has made a significant impact, and its bearings are already a staple at Slam. 


Cortina Bearings is another young startup that is achieving great things. On one of skateboarding’s tiniest components, they provide some of the most fascinating looks. They’ve assembled an awesome crew, and each pro gets their special bearings as part of their trademark line, much like Bronson. Casper Brooker, a former member of the Slam team, is on their team, and it’s wonderful to see his name on the package. Cortina’s signature bearings come in a cigar tin with everything you need, including replaceable shields, a shield popper, matching axle nuts and washers, and stickers.


Paul Rodriguez & Joey Brezinski are the owners of Andale Bearings, which they founded in 2010. They’ve put up an incredible team, including veterans like Marc Johnson and Daewon Song, as well as Tiago Lemos and Yuto Horigome. Andale wins hands down for the greatest packaging, whether it’s Daewon’s doughnut box or Torey Pudwill’s spicy sauce, it’s always intriguing. Andale also offers a Swiss bearing option with highly precise grade 5 chrome steel balls and pinpoint accuracy chrome steel races in addition to their pro-rated bearings.


Your fresh bearings will run as fast and smooth for a long time, but dirt and grime may eventually slow things down. Bearings with detachable shields can be cleaned, which is good news. When your bearings begin to scream when you skate, it’s time to clean and oil them. We propose using one of these cleaning devices to separate the bearings while soaking them in a citrus-based engine cleanser (you can buy this from a hardware store). Once your joints are clean and dry, a drop or two of Bones Speed Creme or Bronson High-Speed Ceramic Oil can restore them to new condition.


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