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Types of Bicycle Bags and Panniers - Today Magazine News

Types of Bicycle Bags and Panniers

Types of Bicycle Bags and Panniers

Riding your bicycle (regularly) is a great way to gain strength and develop core muscles. People who don’t like jogging and running go for the bike ride. After the lockdowns, bike riding has become the most favoured activity in Australia.

The year 2021 saw an increase of 9% in people who ride bikes for fun, sports and recreational activities. Australians are starting to spend more time riding their bikes than before, and the year 2022 will see the same kind of result. People are now buying bicycle bags in Australia more and more, which means more people are riding bikes frequently and for longer distances. And it is the result of becoming aware of their health and fitness after staying home for nearly two years.

Now, if you are also planning to ride your bike the coming weekend, you need a bike bag to carry your items. The bag you require will differ based on the location and distance of travel.

Seat bags & seat packs

These bags are attached under the saddle. Usually, these bags have a small capacity and can only carry small items. These bags are for those going for a quick ride to nearby places like the grocery store. You can go for a bit longer distance if you are a professional rider and don’t need refreshment or break.

Frame and handlebar bags

These bags attach directly to the bike’s handlebars and frame. You can find these bags for both straight-style and drop-style bars. These bags are popular with bike tourers, and they can hold maps, gloves, snacks, sunscreen, etc. You can find bicycle bags in Australia easily, whether you buy online or from the nearby stores, and you need to look for bags with quality and better features. Avoid overloading these bags as it could disturb the balance between the handles and make it difficult to steer properly.

Hydration packs and cycling backpacks

If you compare this type with the standard ones, these have some specific features. It would be best to look for reflective details, loops to attach a blinky light, bike-lock pockets, helmet attachments, waterproofing, flexible back panels to keep your sitting position in mind.

Hydration bags help you drink without taking your hands off the handlebars and has space for other accessories. Some of these bags have special compartments for keeping a bike helmet, body armour, and bike tools.

Bike messenger bags

It is a one-shoulder bag that’s commonly seen in courier bikes. Several models have shoulder straps and stabilizing waist straps that help you switch it up and carry it like a backpack.

It also has multiple compartments for keeping documents, clothes, and other bulky items.

Bike panniers

These bags are roomy, rack-mounted bags that can hold bigger loads and are centred on your wheels. These bags are sold individually or sometimes as a pair specially made for rear and front racks (some models fit on both). If you often ride in heavy rain, you need waterproof panniers and rain covers. It is big enough to keep your laptop and clothes.

Bike baskets

The benefit of this basket is that you can put anything in if it fits the basket. You need a metal or plastic basket if you want it to last in all kinds of weather conditions. You can easily attach and reattach this basket easily.


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