Signs that You Need a Water Main Line Replacement

Signs that You Need a Water Main Line Replacement

Your water main line is extremely important. It connects your home water supply with the city’s public water supply. Your water main is responsible for providing your entire home with water for everyday use. 

When your water main line gets faulty it can create terrible damage to your place. It can flood your place and you don’t want that. 

Luckily, before a water main breaks, it shows some specific signs. If you are on the lookout for these signs, you can detect the problem early and work on your water main before anything major happens. 

Keeping that in mind, here we have come up with the most common signs that show your water main needs taken care of, perhaps even replacement. 

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But first, more on the warning signs that tell you that your water main requires a look into. 


Your Plumbing Clogs More Frequently

Clogging is a common symptom. When you face a clog it’s perhaps because there’s something in the drain and removing them will solve the situation. However, when multiple drains clog at the same time, it might be something more severe.

If there’s a clog in the water main line, then that would restrict the flow to all your home pipes. When the water in your pipes doesn’t run as it should, there are more chances of clogs happening. 

Low Water Pressure in Your Entire Home

If only one of your fixtures is facing low water pressure, then it might be a problem with the fixture itself. However, when there’s low water pressure in all your fixtures, something graver might have happened and the problem is perhaps with your water main. 

When your water main is clogged, your home water has to push past a lot of obstructions and thus the water pressure is low in all the fixtures of your home. 

Thus, if you are seeing that the water pressure is low in all the fixtures of your home, it might be a problem with the water main. 

Sudden Pest Problems

When there is a leak in your water main, all the water ends up somewhere else. And thus, there is a lot of moisture and humidity building up in your house. As pests love humid areas, there might be a lot of pests flocking into your home. Take this sign as a warning and check your water main for probable issues. 

Also, the leaking water might form puddles in your yard or around your foundation. Pests will inevitably follow the water build-up and this is a sign of water main leaks. 

However, pest infestation itself is not a sure sign of water leaking main, but when all the above symptoms happen together, then it’s more likely that there is some issue with your water main line. 

Discoloured Water

When there’s damage to your water main, it doesn’t just let water out, but there’s also an influx of contaminants too. Contaminants like dust, debris, and heavy metals flow to your home water. All these can make the water coming out of your fixtures and taps discolored. Not only will the color be muddy, but it might be smelly as well. They might even be dangerous to drink or bathe in. 

But again, the general rule applies here as well. If only one fixture is producing discolored water, then the issue is with the fixture itself, but when all your home fixtures are producing muddy and smelly water it’s likely that something is wrong with your water main.

These are the signs you got to look out for and if you find one or all the symptoms present in your home, do not hesitate to connect with services for water main replacement in Sterling Heights.


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