Shopify Plus Features – Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

Shopify Plus Features – Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

There is a vast difference between crazy good and crazy. Similarly, people learned that Shopify Plus is a completely well-hosted enterprise curated, especially for the high volume merchant experiences.

The platform itself had made sure to be the best as they got to experience 126 percent of growth every year. This is something we would like to denote as crazy good.

The Shopify plus is specifically designed for those with a rapid growth rate and requires a set of more advanced features to back the growth with a more efficient approach. The refined and robust management of Shopify Plus allows the business owners to focus more on their service/ product and the customers. 

Yet, some people still assume the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus. Clearing up the confusion for you, the significant difference is that in comparison to Shopify, Shopify Plus offers a lot more flexibility, support options, and much more access to the store’s actual code, therefore it is an ideal choice for most of the store owners.

If you are still going around in the confusion circle, we have provided you with the Shopify Plus features and how these Shopify plus features list is best suitable for your eCommerce platform. But at first, we will be brushing up on the basic definition of Shopify Plus. 

What is Shopify Plus, and how does it work?

Shopify Plus is a commerce platform perfect for high-volume, enterprise-level businesses. Its main feature is adding more customization and control to more basic systems.

  • Increased automation potential.
  • Improved Multichannel and omnichannel functions
  • Increased speed.
  • The capacity to handle massive volumes of traffic and sales reliably.

Robust Features Of Shopify Plus 

Multiple Stores 

If you are a trader or a business owner selling the products into several international markets, we can say the Shopify Plus platform is the best for you. The platform comprises a multi-store function, enabling up to 10 stores in the region without extra cost. This way, one can easily cater and tailor the site to the different areas and also assist you in managing foreign languages, currencies, locations. More to make your business grow more. 


The platform also holds the feature in which the user can seamlessly focus on growing the business instead of stressing over the entire website. Along with the platform, one can take advantage of unlimited bandwidth and manage+process up to 8,000 orders per minute, per store. The platform also introduces the cloud-hosted system, making the highly variable checkouts and flash sales easy to manage.  

High-volume traffic capacity 

Never worry about the flash sales again, as we can say a huge thank you to the integration of the Shopify Plus Launchpad tool. It allows you to set up, schedule seamlessly, and automate almost every process required to run and operate a flash sale or any special event. 

  • By utilizing the launchpad, one can easily manage to:
  • Schedule manual tasks to happen automatically:
  • Publishing the new products and descriptions, adjusting the theme images, and much more. 
  • Can also create complex scripts:
  • The launchpad feature allows gifts and shipping and enables creating offers on specific product types and bundles. 

Keep track of the campaigns:

Seamlessly the merchants can make every sort of adjustment mid-campaign and monitor the sales, AOV, and inventory levels in real-time. 

Whole Sale Management

The Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel allows you to expand into the wholesale market by building a new storefront that extends your online business. The wholesale channel is ideal for businesses that do both wholesale and retail. You can combine both channels, which means you can optimize your invoicing and operational procedures while still working with customers of various sizes. It’s also ideal for start-up businesses looking to open a wholesale store. Because of its user-friendly admin, you set up your store in minutes if you want to try wholesale.

The perks of Shopify Plus wholesale channel 

  • Offer your customer an ideal shopping experience to quickly purchase, track and reorder. 
  • The channel allows you to create custom price catalogs for individual groups and customers. 
  • Merchants can also enable the fixed price lists, volume-based discounts, or the percentage off. 
  • One can also review the orders before invoicing to negotiate the details. 

Complete customization

Shopify currently provides several unique ready-to-use themes customized to meet your specific eCommerce requirements. Still, you can also hire a Shopify web development company to get the theme created from scratch. This involves experimenting with fonts, colors and changing the content and style of your homepage. However, with Shopify Plus plan features, you can customize your store to a whole new level. JavaScript and CSS can be used to fully customize your store’s checkout experience, allowing you to incorporate conversion optimization techniques. For larger stores looking for something more unique, JavaScript and CSS can be used to fully customize your store’s checkout experience, allowing you to incorporate conversion optimization techniques.

Customizable Discounts 

Over 1500 validated apps make Shopify an extensive app marketplace. Due to these apps merchants can benefit and connections in a variety of ways, including:

  • Customer service is essential.
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Accounting for Inventory Management
  • Customers in the wholesale and B2B sectors

You won’t have to worry about exceeding your API limit with Shopify Plus. Because of Shopify Plus’ powerful API limit, you can do a lot more with apps and ERP integrations: connect your CRM, accounting, and multichannel software to your Shopify Plus store with ease.

In Conclusion

It would be best to be confused and move to Shopify Plus, just like other merchants. If you are only concerned about migrating your store to Shopify Plus, all you have to do is surf through the internet and look for the best Shopify plus development company. It is time to go Shopify from Shopify Plus. 

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