Robert Kraft Prioritizes Family, Football, and Philanthropy

Robert Kraft Prioritizes Family, Football, and Philanthropy


What’s next on the horizon for Patriots owner Robert Kraft? Could it be that coveted induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024? Kraft is still chasing that particular carrot, despite being one of a dozen finalists chosen in 2022. And though the New England Patriots had a tough last season and missed the playoffs, their record, and Robert Kraft’s, is still solid. This is especially true when you consider where the team was in January of ’94, when Kraft acquired the floundering team and rebuilt it into the formidable force it is today. 

Robert Kraft’s Savvy Business Sense

A Patriots’ fan all his life, Kraft’s mission when he acquired the team was “to help bring a championship to New England.” And few could say he hasn’t lived up to the goal. Under his supervision, the Patriots began their big comeback almost instantly, advancing to the playoffs that first year and going on to win an unprecedented 49 games over the next five. Perhaps more impressive, they earned a spot in the Superbowl just three years in. It was a surreal experience for a team that previously held a somewhat woeful winning percentage of just .238. 

But to those who know Robert Kraft and are familiar with his Midas touch, success is never a surprise. Chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group, the paper and packaging giant, it was Kraft’s business savvy, and controlling interest in a stadium lease, that landed him the New England Patriots for what, today, would be considered a steal. Since that fateful day, the Patriots’ steady climb to fame has been a beautiful thing to behold, led largely by Kraft’s direction, head coach Bill Belichick’s mindful decisions, and the talents of quarterback Tom Brady. Whether that will be enough to land Kraft that prestigious place in American football history remains to be seen. 

Kraft and Belichick’s Plan for 2023

After a recent sit-down to discuss plans for the team for the upcoming season, all appeared to be well. It was learned that the team was actively working to retain Jerod Mayo on board as defensive coach, but changes will likely come in the form of offensive coaching reassignments. However, details were decidedly brief overall. Belichick is known for playing coy with the press and divulging as few details as possible. And Kraft has made it known on several occasions that he believes in staying out of his head coach’s way when it comes to team decisions. Belichick, after all, has been called “the best coach ever in the NFL.” And Kraft, seasoned businessman and savvy decision-maker that he is, knows when to hand over the reins. 

Philanthropy, Mac Jones, and the Meaning of Life

Will the New England Patriots rise again in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s exit? With quarterback Mac Jones at the helm and a team that’s thirsty for victory, all signs point to yes. Pats’ fans can wait on in anticipation of the 2023 football season, knowing no big dust-ups have occurred between the major players and that plans are in place to address last season’s shortcomings and opportunities. Robert Kraft will still be overseeing things from behind the scenes, spreading his good fortune to everything he touches and continuing his philanthropic efforts in the New England Community. Together with wife Myra, Kraft has donated more than $400 million to causes including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Columbia/Bernard Hillel, Brandeis University, and more. The Kraft family continues to give back through the creation of grants and community health care programs that help some of the world’s most disenfranchised populations. 

In the words of Robert Kraft in his commencement address to the graduating class at Suffolk University College of Arts & Sciences, “If you choose to do things that you are passionate about, you will not only do them better, but most importantly, you’ll be a significantly happier person.” Robert Kraft seems to be a keen example. 


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