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Pergolas: A Magic Space for Your Outdoors

Pergolas: A Magic Space for Your Outdoors

Summers in Australia can be brutal, with temperatures soaring indoors and making the outside miserable. But, you would surely agree that there is no substitute for the winter sun’s light in Australia. Isn’t it? Outdoor entertaining and relaxation have become increasingly popular for homeowners, and many are looking for ways to improve their backyards.

Experts believe that renovations to homes and yards will remain popular in 2022. Those who love their backyards are always looking for new ways to enhance their landscapes. 

These changes can boost a home’s mood and personality, extending the warmth and friendliness of your family. Therefore, if you’re considering enhancing your landscape, why not consider Pergolas in Brisbane.

With a pergola, you may change your backyard into an outdoor living place that you enjoy. Pergolas lack a solid roof and walls, but they are pretty robust. The installation can transform the appearance of your outdoor space.

Keep reading to know what more these pergolas have in offer for you. 

Pergolas Brisbane: Why to Choose?

Some reasons you should consider before installing a pergola in your backyard:

  • They define a distinct area. With a pergola, you may give your backyard a defined look. If you don’t have a patio or deck, you may turn your living space into a dining room or entertainment area. 
  • A pergola may be for you if you don’t like being the centre of attention when lounging outside. Adding drapes, latticework, or screens to a pergola’s side can make it more private.
  • A pergola can add extra garden space to your outdoor area. You may try hanging plants from the boards to form an air garden. These plants can provide an attractive natural ceiling when they interweave in the planks of the pergola.
  • Pergolas are a low-cost home improvement option that may have a significant impact.
  • You may also consider combining pergolas with other outdoor design ideas for the best effects.

Everyone enjoys outdoor gatherings, and a pergola creates an aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional outdoor entertaining area. What could be better than Pergolas, where you and your loved ones can gather for a coffee or wine?

Design Options

There are numerous materials to contemplate regarding the type of material you want to use. Listed below are just a few possible solutions:

Pressured Wood

Pergolas made of pressure-treated wood are frequently the most affordable alternative. It lasts for an extended period, but it is susceptible to warping, cracking, and checking. Pergolas of this style look their best when painted or stained.

Cedar Wood

Pergolas made of Western Red Cedar (usually) are a popular choice. It’s inherently pest resistant and looks gorgeous immediately from the sawmill. You can leave it natural to turn a light silver grey or stain and seal it to maintain its colour. The cost might be a little higher, but the lifespan of a cedar pergola is often longer.


It is an excellent choice if you want a pergola that requires little upkeep. However, you might have to compromise with colour options, and they are pretty tricky to paint.


Although fibreglass is a pricey alternative, it has a plethora of advantages. They are durable and contribute to a cleaner aesthetic. You may paint them any colour you choose, and the paint will last longer than it would on wood. Due to the lightweight fibreglass pergolas, they do not don’t necessitate the same deep footers.

Summing Up

Generally, Pergolas can be used to support everything from chandeliers and ceiling fans. Your imagination is the only limit. Pergolas in Brisbane can assist you in creating an outdoor oasis with energy and a view on your deck or patio.

You may even try hanging small speakers, strings of lights, and even cloth. There are many pergola alternatives to choose from that will meet any style or budget. They extend your outdoor living space. 


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