Is Renting a Phone a Better Option?

Is Renting a Phone a Better Option?

Nowadays, smartphones are so expensive that buying even a mid-range phone may cost a good portion of your salary. And if you are planning to get a flagship, you may have to consider taking a loan, just kidding. Many don’t have the privilege of owning a high-end smartphone for various reasons, but you can always rent a phone.

Renting a phone is something that the millennials are interested in, and with a new model released every year, it makes sense to get a phone on rent rather than buying one every year. Even if you can afford an expensive cell phone, renting it would be a great idea. 

Are you not sure about renting a phone? Or, are you not aware of the benefits of actually renting a phone? If your answer is yes for both, read on to understand the benefits of renting a smartphone.

Tension-free application process

Renting items may require a credit check, salary details, and many more things that may take a few days. Some may even reject the application. But, while renting a phone, you don’t have to go through these hectic procedures. You just have to straight-up sign the contract and can take the phone home. Here, your bad credit history is not at all an issue. That’s how you can rent a phone without any hassle.

No buyer’s remorse

As said earlier, you can see a new smartphone launch every year. Every brand will launch its mid-range and flagship phones every year with new/latest features. When you buy an expensive smartphone, you plan to keep it for at least two years, but when a new feature is introduced, every phone brand will adopt it, and you may have to postpone another year or two to have the same feature. The new feature could be the upgrade in the screen, chip, processor, camera, etc. Whatever the change is, your phone becomes outdated. 

Today, most people don’t keep a smartphone for more than three years because of how the smartphone market is changing, and it looks like the other consumer brands are trying to keep up with the tech. For example, apps like Instagram and Snapchat customised their photo ratio and interface to go smoothly with the top smartphone flagships; hence, a change in the screen size or shape will affect the customisation. 

The RFID technology, which allows tap-to-pay features, is one more example that says the hardware is changing as fast as the software in phones.

With all these new happenings, no one wants to keep an outdated phone and go through the buyer’s guilt.

Flexible lease terms

A smartphone leasing is similar to a car or apartment lease. When you sign a contract with a smartphone-leasing company, you get to use the phone for a set amount of time. You make a one-time payment and subsequently make weekly, bimonthly, or monthly payments in most circumstances.

The best thing about renting a phone is that you just pay for it when you use it. If you wish to update or change your mind, you may easily return the device and try another one.

Smartphones are continuously becoming advanced and can do things better than before. By renting a smartphone, you will eliminate the risk of buyer’s remorse and save a lot of money. 

It is easier to rent than buy a phone with so many benefits.


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