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Interior Design

Your home should be a place of comfort, relaxation, and a reflection of your style and taste. Your home’s décor can speak to what you find both visually pleasing and comfortable. A home’s interior design involves many elements such as furniture, flooring, decorations, and the use of colors. Another aspect of interior design to keep in mind is wallpaper and other associated items such as lighting and rugs. The overall appearance and aesthetic of your home can be greatly impacted by the various design elements and how these items fit together in your home. Here are four companies that assist with other interior design needs and other related services.

1. At Wallpaper

Located in Oslo Norway At Wallpaper strives to provide customers with success in their interior design needs in both the public and private sectors. They provide a wide assortment of interior design services to fit specific needs. Their offerings include design planning, designing furniture, lighting, and the architecture of your home’s interior. They can help with projects ranging from touch-ups to full interior styling to make your home more comfortable and valuable as well. You can visit website to learn more.

2. Jane Clayton & Company

Founded in the 1970s and located in Bristol, UK Jane Clayton & Company focuses on proving interior decoration items such as wallpaper, rugs, and fabrics for various uses. They also carry other interior accessories such as curtains, cushions, and window blinds. Their wallpapers come in various colors and patterns to fit an assortment of design ideas. Their rugs likewise come in an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, and fabrics to fit any home. They also carry a wide assortment of the most popular names and brands in home design.

3. Family Wallpapers

Family Wallpapers focuses specifically on wallpaper and carries a wide selection of these items for interior needs. Wallpaper is quite diverse and comes in nearly limitless designs for your home. Family Wallpapers carry solid colors, leaf patterns, floral prints, animals, and highly detailed photo wallpaper. Picture wallpaper uses high-quality images of animals, the natural world, seasons, sports, and more. They also have several categories to select wallpaper for specific themes and rooms. They also promote themselves as the largest wallpaper provider in the Nordic region.

4. Hovia

Hovia takes a modernist approach to wallpaper and its use in interior design. They make use of the best paper and vivid printing to make their wallpaper truly stand out in terms of quality. Their design options include abstract designs, geometrical patterns, flowers, nature, textures, forests, animals, and more. They also offer more basic colors and patterns with wallpapers of all types available for specific design ideas and room needs. Customization options are also available for picking specific types of paper and creating your own customized mural wallpaper.

Final Thoughts

When decorating your home you have several aspects of design you have to bring together to create a unified home décor idea. When selecting the best furniture and accessories you should not overlook wallpaper and other accessories as the use of colors and light can make your home’s interior look even better.


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