How to Claim for Damages After a Truck Accident in Atlanta

How to Claim for Damages After a Truck Accident in Atlanta

Undoubtedly, some of the most dangerous accidents on the highways in Atlanta involve trucks. Given how much bigger and heavier 18-wheelers are than the cars people drive, any collisions between the two are certain to be very serious. Furthermore, one has a much higher chance of suffering catastrophic injuries in any such accident. If you were injured in a truck accident or know someone who was, you must consult a seasoned attorney in Atlanta. 

On what grounds can you claim damages?

It will probably take you a while to recover from a truck driver’s negligence, so getting the compensation that fully addresses all of your damages is essential. In addition to physical damage to your car, truck accidents often result in significant damages that can include:

Medical expenses

Any loss associated with the diagnosis, ongoing care, cure of injuries or medical issues sustained in the truck accident is included in damages for medical expenses in addition to the cost of initial treatment. However, it is not limited to that. You can also be compensated for the cost of an ambulance, intensive care services, hospitalization, medications, visits to the doctor, etc. 

Loss of wage

The compensation you get in a truck accident case may include any income you can demonstrate was lost as a direct consequence of your injuries as a result of the accident. This covers the money you make whether you work as an employee for another person, as an independent contractor, or as a self-employed person. 

Pain and suffering

Due to the subjective nature of pain, it is challenging to quantify suffering. There is no concrete evidence that can be used to demonstrate how much someone is suffering. To decide how much to award for these damages, several broad rules can be followed.

Both physical and emotional discomfort is associated with pain and suffering. It can protect against permanent or transient harm. After a truck accident, the compensation you receive for these damages can help tremendously in returning your life to normal.

Final thoughts:

The aftermath of truck accidents frequently leaves victims bewildered about how to proceed with their lives.  The only approach to get just compensation for your suffering is to work with a truck accident attorney. A competent lawyer will be able to persuasively present your case and effectively depict the pain and suffering you are going through.


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