How Important is it To Get an Annual Eye Test?

How Important is it To Get an Annual Eye Test?


Do you realise the importance of your eyes? It is the part of your body that makes you see all the beautiful things and people that are a part of your life. Many people don’t have the blessing of having a sight at all. However, those who have taken their vision for granted. You see children and young adults losing their eyesight because of not taking care of their beautiful eyes.

Well, nobody can insist enough on the importance of getting an eye test once in a year to know the condition. But you still don’t feel it is necessary; you should certainly give this post a quick read to find enough reasons to get one. 


The eyes are amongst the most sensitive organs of your body. Even the slightest problem can lead to severe consequences if not treated correctly and in time. As per studies and research, it is believed that more than 50% of eye-related problems or disorders can be fixed with the help of medical procedures. However, to get results, you should be alert and attentive to the eye problems you experience. A doctor won’t force you to visit his facility to seek his help. You have to be responsible for your own body and the problems you deal with. 


What is an eye examination?

Most people think that an eye examination is just for the sake of checking the visual accuracy of your eye. But it is a lot more than that. In a visual acuity test, the examiner sees if you can read and see things. If you fail to do so, you are prescribed to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. 


In an eye examination, the ophthalmologist focuses on other parts of the eye that might cause a problem in the future. They tend to notice any muscle degeneration, signs of cataract, retinal detachment. The eye’s internal structure needs to be observed to detect any signs of damage. 


What is the importance of an eye examination?

As you read above, an eye examination is more than you can think of. The analysis includes various tests to check different conditions. Scroll down to learn about each state in detail. 


Retinal detachment 

A retinal detachment is a severe condition that can lead to complete blindness. A thin layer of tissue which is found behind the retina pulls far away from its normal position. It technically pulls away from the retina’s blood cells, which leads to blindness. 



A cataract is a pretty common condition that most people in old age suffer from. When the protein in your eye breaks down and scatters in your eye, it leads to causing discoloration or cloudy colour to your eyes. It will cause visual impairment, and the only solution to treat it is to undergo surgery to replace the original lens with an artificial one. 



Glaucoma is the result of contact pressure being developed over time. It is an eye condition in which your optic nerve gets damaged. The optic nerve damage can get worse if not treated in time. A person usually suffers from this condition in their later life.

So, some severe eye conditions can arise if you avoid getting an eye test. You should search for well-known clinics and doctors in your area and get at least an annual eye check-up to avoid dealing with any eye conditions. 


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