How do I renew my ICICI Lombard health insurance policy?

How do I renew my ICICI Lombard health insurance policy?

As we grow older, no matter how fit we try to be, we get some kind of disease or health condition. A part of it is because of our sedentary lifestyle, while some suffer from illnesses because of genetics. In some cases, the conditions of people get so worse that they end up in hospital beds. And as we talk about hospitals; to get the best treatment, you must have a good bank balance these days. And if you already have a huge responsibility and cannot use all your savings on the treatment, you should rather buy a health insurance policy.

With the help of a health insurance policy, you can actually get a good treatment for your disease and do not have to be bothered about the bill payment. You can choose a network hospital and if it is a medical emergency, you can inform the insurance provider after being hospitalized. If it is a planned treatment, you can inform the insurer 48 or 72 hours before hospitalization. Once the treatment is over, the insurance company will settle the bills with the hospital and you will not have to worry about it at all.

Nevertheless, when you are buying a health insurance policy, you need to be sure of renewing the policy. This is very important, especially if you want to keep getting the benefits of the investment that you made. Therefore, it is quite significant to renew the health insurance policy on time. According to the experts, you should renew a health insurance plan at least 15 days ahead of the due date. This helps in ensuring that you do not lose on the additional benefits that you would get in continuation of the policy. 

Usually, a notice is sent by the insurance companies as a reminder for renewing the insurance policies. However, in case they do not send it or you miss out on it somehow, it is always wiser to set a reminder on your phone so that you do not forget about it. If you forget to renew the health insurance policy, it will only result in complications and you will not get any benefits from the policy.

Are you wondering how would you renew your health insurance policy? Well, let us take the example of ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal. To renew the ICICI Lombard health insurance policy, you can either choose the online mode or the offline mode.

Online Renewal Process of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy 

As you choose the online renewal of ICICI Lombard General Insurance, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1

The foremost thing that you need to do is to visit the website of the company and click on the ‘Renewal’ tab. Now, select the ‘Health Policy’.

Step 2

It is time to enter the details. You have to enter all the required details which include the date of birth, and policy number, and click on ‘Proceed’.

Step 3

At this point, you have to review the health insurance policy. You can also make required modifications which may include opting for an add-on, changing the sum insured amount, and many more before you proceed.

Step 4

Now make payment for the renewal fee from the available modes of payment.

Step 5

You will now get a confirmation mail about the successful renewal of the health insurance policy.

Offline Process of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy Renewal 

To renew the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy offline, you have to contact the company by calling them on 1800-2666. You can also choose to visit the nearest branch of the insurance company to renew your health insurance plan.

For more relevant information, you can visit the IIFL website.


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