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Fiverr Clone Development Cost - Guide to know the Estimates

Fiverr Clone Development Cost – Guide to know the Estimates

Fiverr Clone Development Cost – Guide to know the Estimates

Because of the convenience that freelancing provides, millions of professionals worldwide are switching from traditional employment to freelancing. Apart from that, almost everyone wants to supplement their income, and freelancing is the best way. This is one of the reasons why freelancing is becoming increasingly popular.

Do you have any plans to create a Fiverr-style app? Remember that an app cannot be created in a single day. The basic concept for developing an app must be clear; for example, why do you want to develop an app, understand the app’s various phases, how can the app gain attention and retention, and so on. Hiring the services of a top mobile app development company in California to develop a Freelancers app like Fiverr is a great idea because they have a pool of dedicated developers, designers, programmers, and QA teams to help you create a fantastic app.

What Exactly Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, where businesses can hire non-staff service providers for short-term projects like copywriting, editing, graphic design, marketing, and logo creation. Because it is a completely transparent platform, service seekers can view each freelancer’s profile and hire those whose experience, rates, and skills match their needs. As the name implies, the starting costs of services offered at Fiverr are as low as $5 per job or task; as a result, it has been rated as the best digital marketplace where the best services can be hired at cost-effective rates.

We’ll tell you how much it costs to make a clone, which features to clone, how much money and time it takes, and how much it costs to maintain and promote the site.

Features, Development Time, and Development Cost

  • Signup/Sign-in : 150 Hours : $7500
  • Users profiles, time tracking: 80 hours: $4000
  • Create, track orders: 150 hours: $7500
  • Payment Gateway: 80 Hours: $4000
  • Reviews and ratings: 25 hours: $1250
  • Messenger, text chat: 50 hours: $2500
  • Search and filters: 200 hours: $10000
  • Dashboard: 100 hours: $1500
  • Notification: 30 hours : $1500
  • Social media integration: 35 hours: $1750
  • UI design: 90 hours: $4500
  • Admin Panel: 500 hours: $25000
  • Total: 1490 hours: $74500

What Is Required To Create A Fiverr Clone? 

A clone can be made in a variety of ways. The simplest option is to use one of the CMS WordPress themes to create a similar site. It’s quick and inexpensive, but your site would be identical to hundreds of others that use the same or a similar theme. As a result, this option is only appropriate for niches with little or no competition. Cloning Fiverr won’t work; you’ll need to improve your site or adapt it to a specific niche (target audience), as did.

The group in charge of development Custom development is required for projects which necessitate either your team of professional developers or an outsourced technical partner with all of the specialists you require. A minimum list of specialists required to create a Fiverr clone is as follows:


  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Development of a web platform

  • 2 front-end programmers
  • 2 backend programmers
  • 1-2 user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designers
  • 2 to 3 QA experts
  • 1 financial analyst

Development of mobile devices

  • 2 Android programmers
  • 2 iOS programmers

The cost of such specialists’ work can range from $30 per hour (Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa) to $150 per hour (depending on location (country, region), experience, and professional skills (North America, Great Britain, Western Europe). The average hourly wage is $50.

The Cost Of Developing The Key Features Of A Fiverr Style App


For both freelancers and clients, registration is required. It can be used with traditional registration methods such as email, phone number, Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter. That said, the registration process should be as simple and unobtrusive as possible: you shouldn’t force users to register as soon as they visit the website. Offer them the opportunity to register twice during their user journey instead. First and foremost, before the viewing service. Second, and most importantly, before paying.

This feature took 150 hours to develop, and it cost $7500 at the developers’ average hourly rate of $50 per hour.

Registration Form

User Profile

Both the client and the freelancer should be able to create and customize their user profiles to learn more about their potential contractor and contact him to clarify all project details and cooperation terms. The client’s profile includes the name (company name), logo, contacts, links to the site and social media accounts, location, projects, rating, and reviews. Name, skills, experience, cost, social media profiles, list of completed projects, achievements, rating, reviews, and so on are all included in the freelancer’s profile.

The user profile feature in a Fiverr like platform takes about 80 hours and $4000 to implement.

Filters And A Search System

Any marketplace, including Fiverr, relies heavily on search. Typically, users look for service by typing keywords into a search engine. Freelance marketplaces will assist users in their search by displaying the most popular requests beneath a search bar. Furthermore, filters and categories assist in this. A user on Fiverr, for example, can filter services by budget, service option, delivery, freelancer details (rating, location, and so on), language, and other factors.

Creating a freelance marketplace’s search, categories, and filters takes about 200 hours or $10000.

Order Tracking

Clients can use most freelance marketplaces to choose a service type and a freelancer and create a new order and invite freelancers to bid on it. It requires order creation and setup functionality and a tender system, order tracking, and time tracking. Time tracking enables freelancers to provide clients with information about the time spent on a project, thereby assuring them that their project will be completed on time, improving efficiency and transparency.

In a Fiverr style platform, this functionality would take 150 hours, or $7500.

Social Networking Integration

It facilitates the creation of new profiles by speeding up the registration process and simplifying the authorization process for users. You can also use information from social networks (name, location, photo, education, professional skills) to notify people of new orders, order completions, payments made, and new chat messages. You can also implement a closer integration with social networks for freelance services like SMM, marketing, and targeting.

This will take 35 hours of development (minimum integration) to 500 hours of development (maximum integration), or $1750 to $25000.

Best Custom Social Media Networking Apps

Payment Gateway Integration

Fiverr’s primary payment method is PayPal. It is, however, not the only method of payment. You can also pay with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL (Netherlands), GiroPay (Germany), Sofort (Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland), Boleto (Brazil), and OXXO (Brazil) (Mexico).

It will take about 80 hours or $4000 to integrate with several major payment gateways. Each new integration will necessitate an additional 10-15 hours of work.

System For Rating And Feedback

This type of feedback assists users in selecting trustworthy and trustworthy contractors. It allows system members to rate each other based on several parameters after an order has been completed (failure, refusal) (level of communication, correspondence with a description, and whether you would recommend this agent to your friend). Only registered users should be able to leave feedback, and the parties should be able to respond to the review and challenge it using the platform’s arbitration system.

The rating and feedback system requires at least 25 hours, or $1250.

Designing Better Online Review Systems

Internal Discussion

Customers may have a few options for communicating with the service provider to clarify service details. A seller’s profile and a service page usually have a chat button. It’s usually a text chat, but occasionally a video chat.

The cost is $2500, and the implementation time is 50 hours.


Push notifications and email notifications are both available on Fiverr. They are required to notify users of significant events (a new order, new message, payment, approaching deadline, etc.) and increase engagement by informing them of new events, updates, discounts, special offers, contests, etc.

It takes 30 hours and $1500 to implement notification functionality.

Administrative Panel

The entire app must be managed, beginning with the design and service listing on the home page and ending with the financial service fees. As a result, the administrator should have a dashboard/screen that displays the current state of the service and tools for managing users, services, payments, notifications, and other similar items.

Developing a Fiverr clone’s admin panel could take up to 500 hours and $25,000.

Additional Expenses to Consider

  • Market research
  • Development of the clone’s design
  • Freelance platform promotion

Winding Up

Fiverr is now one of the most popular apps in the United States, providing a great platform for small businesses to sell their products with ease and freelancers to explore their talent and offer their services, allowing them to supplement their income.

Thanks to this blog, you can now learn about Fiverr and other related topics. You can also make a rough estimate of how much it will cost to develop an app similar to Fiverr. However, you’ll need to contact a clone app development company to get an exact price.

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