Fantasy Cricket Is Bringing A New Era In The World Of Cricket

Fantasy Cricket Is Bringing A New Era In The World Of Cricket

For Indians, “cricket” is much more than a sport; it is an emotion. Cricket is the one sport that appeals to every Indian. When the Indian team plays, all eyes are on the TV screen, those goosebumps when it’s the last over, those victory dances when the team wins, and those tear-filled eyes when the team loses. Even though cricket is not our national sport, it holds a special place in our hearts that no other sport can. The words “sixer,” “four,” “how’s that,” or “bowled out” raise our heartbeats with excitement and pressure. When India is playing, people will leave everything behind to watch the match be it their schools, job, tuition, anything. Those countless times of watching the highlights to relive your favorite moment of the match.

Cricket is one of the sports where people forget their differences and enjoy the sport as it is. It is a sport that is admirable throughout the nation. From new adults to middle-aged people in India, all are cricket lovers. Earlier, you will find cricket fans playing in every other street on holidays. Due to the quarantine of COVID, it was impossible to play cricket, so that is why fantasy sports gained popularity, especially fantasy cricket sports. Fantasy cricket is creating a new era for online cricket. Fantasy cricket is a virtual platform where you can create a team of real cricket players, and you can score points on how well the players are performing in real-life matches. There are hundreds of fantasy cricket apps available nationwide, and the number is rapidly growing.

Due to the rising usage of mobile devices, people have started playing various fantasy sports on their phones. Among multiple sports, fantasy cricket is the most popular one. That is because people enjoy seeing their selected players performing well. Playing fantasy cricket may look easy from the top, but it requires skills to play; not everyone can play it skillfully as the one who has a clear understanding of how to play the cricket.

What would be better than to feel the thrill of cricket yourself by playing fantasy cricket?, You surely require knowledge and skills are required in playing cricket to ace at this sport.

When playing fantasy cricket, make sure to do thorough research beforehand:

  • How the team performs while batting, fielding, and chasing
  • Information on all the players
  • Stats about how the team completed recently
  • Stats about all the player’s performances recently¬†¬†

You will do very well in the matches with proper research and strategy. Make sure to select your captain and vice-captain very wisely, as most of the points you get will depend on how well they are performing. 

These apps are easy to use. First of all, select any upcoming match. Now, create your team; you can edit your players numerous times before the deadline of the beginning of the match. You need to pay attention to the actual match as well to keep a tab on how the team is performing. The scores will be updated every two minutes. So one side, you are playing fantasy cricket and on the other side, you are enjoying the actual match with your friends and family.


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