Everything you need to know about Harlem Walking Tours

Everything you need to know about Harlem Walking Tours

Discover Harlem heritage tours with authentic walking, sightseeing, gospel and Jazz music, art, food and bus tour. Popularly known as The Black Mecca of the world, Harlem is a place to adventure out. Harlem is a home to many ethnic groups like Dutch, Iris, German, Italian and Jewish. Harlem is known for its economic development and cultural preservation. It is known as the Black capital of America. Harlem is situated in New York City near Upper Manhattan. It is known as a center of African-American art and culture. 

Places to visit in Harlem:

Some of the famous attractions in Harlem are Sylvia Restaurant, Apollo Theatre, National jazz museum and Abyssinian Baptist church. 

Harlem is an exciting neighborhood in Manhattan. It is famous for warm and cozy jazz clubs, soul food institutions and African American culture. Harlem is the cultural icon in US. It is a home to cultural movement with jazz era in Harlem Renaissance. During 1960, Harlem adds to the Civil Rights movement. Check out some of the amazing Harlem restaurants in the locality. Visit National jazz Museum in Harlem that is famous for the contribution to Jazz. Enjoy the live jazz performance and live music genre in Harlem. The Apollo Theatre is best destination for live music. 

Harlem is known for its music scene and for its African American heritage. Located north of central Park in Manhattan, Harlem is known as a creative hub. It is known for art, music, fashion and food. 1920s were known for its Jazz era period and is a cultural city for travelers. 

Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater is a legendary theater opened in 1914. Artist like James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr, Bille Holiday and Lauryn Hill showcased their musical performance. Indulge in Apollo Theater Multimedia Walking Tour. Get a cultural walking tour to Harlem sightseeing, and Apollo Theater Walking tour in Harlem. Tree of Hope is conducted by Harlem resident that narrate creative stories. Walk to the location where Harlem Apollo legends once lived. Get social, artistic, political development in Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement. 

Museum in Harlem: 

El Museo del Barrio was founded in 1969. It is a unique museum that houses Caribbean and Latin American art. Visit the studio Museum in Harlem that showcase the work of African American art. The members of African diaspora is showcased in the museum. Painting, drawing, sculptures, watercolors and mixed media are installed in the museum. 

Central park Conservatory garden

Visit the Central park Conservatory garden that has two distinct park styles. There are Italian tiered hedges and 12 foot high Jet Mountain. There are French three dancing maiden structure in the park and English shrubs and perennial plants. 

Graffiti Hall of fame:

Visit the graffiti hall of fame in New York City. Sting ray Rodrigues created the attraction in 1980. There is an open air hall of fame that attracts fans and photographers. 

Harlem Haberdashery:

Harlem Haberdashery is a family run boutique. It is a custom clothing company that offers ready to wear men and women style. 

Harlem Renaissance walking Tour:

Embark on the journey and discover the African American culture. Discover the American history. Visit beautiful theatres, ballrooms, churches in Harlem. The place is renowned for Hotel Theresa, Abyssinian Baptist Church, and Alhambra Ballroom, in the vicinity. 

Bill’s Place: 

It is a music venue that opened in 2006. Take a trip back to Harlem Renaissance with world renowned musical place. Legendary performers like Billie Holiday, Fats Waller, Willie the Lion has performed in the venue. 

Restaurants in Harlem: 

Sylvia’s Restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem, Vinateria Restaurant offers upscale Spanish and Italian cooking. Red Rooster was opened in 2010 by celebrity chef Marcuss Samuelsson. Get soulful food with delightful cuisine and specialties. 

Take an adventurous tour to Harlem and indulge in Harlem Walking Tours. Walk down to places and visit the nearby attractions. Check out the latest cuisines, jazz music and fashion wear in Harlem. Harlem is known for its attractive African and American culture. Harlem is a place that is known for its ethic culture, Jazz music. It is an excellent travel destination and venture to some of the desired attractive destination in Harlem.  

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