Dudhsagar Waterfall From Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall From Goa

Enough of the beauty of the beaches and water activities? Let’s explore this magnificent and stunning waterfall which is located in Goa. It will be a nice one-day trip to Dudhsagar waterfall from Goa. This huge fall is nothing but an iconic beauty of nature.

One must appreciate nature by visiting it often and also get richer by experiences. The rappelling sound of milky water will reconnect you with nature. The beauty of this waterfall will make you spellbound once you reach here. 

Dudhsagar the name is apt for this milky cascade. The beauty of Dudhsagar is at its apex in monsoon with the full capacity of the flow and prolific green surroundings.


The Tambdi Surla waterfall called by local people is located at Sanguem village of Goa. The waterfall ends in the forest Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

By car or by train you need to reach Kulem railway station and from there one can either take or can hire a Jeep safari. Still, there will be a short trail to reach the waterfall.

How to Reach

There are different routes to reach the waterfall one can choose the router according to their interests. As the location of the waterfall starts from Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary the journey will allow witnessing nature’s biodiversity. You will encounter a lot of animals, a variety of birds and vivid colours of butterflies too. 

By Train

This route is basically for adventures and trekkers for those who are accompanying children or elderly people who need to avoid this route. After getting down at Kulem station the trek towards the waterfall will start.

By Road

From Goa, it’s been very easy to reach by car. You can easily hire a taxi or car to reach the entry at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. From the forest, the jeep safari is the best option to reach the waterfall.

Things to Do at Dudhsagar Waterfall

Waterfall Trek

A very much interesting trek with the greenery all around is worth the experience to visit a waterfall by trek. Beware of snakes as the monsoon tends them to come out. Take a lot of pictures of the abundant scenery all around. This is one of the long-legged waterfalls of India the water drops from 1017ft its width is almost 100ft.


The waterfall adds glory into the beauty of Goa where you can enjoy camping also at the adventure camp of Castle Rock. It will be a pocket-friendly stay near the humongous waterfall. The next morning I woke up with the gushing sound of the waterfall. 

Swimming at DudhSagar waterfalls

This naturally made-up pool is a must experience at Dudhsagar for swimmers. A nice picnic spot for tourists. After trekking, get relaxed with a nice dip in the water.

Visit At Tambdi Surla Temple

Don’t forget to visit this old ancient charm. It is a temple of Lord Shiva The temple is located at the foothills of Anmoda ghat which is on the border of Goa and Karnataka. Both the Temple and the waterfall come in the same vicinity which is in complete harmony with nature.

Walk to a Spice Plantation

One more attraction for the visit of the waterfall is the spice plantation nearby. You can have a walk-in this area and also get to understand many varieties of spices. On this site, you will also give your taste buds a treat with Govan delicacies. The smell of freshly crushed pepper and other spices will tickle your nose and tongue. A small elephant ride is also there to make your visit more memorable.

Best Time To Visit

To visit this milky symphony of water the best time is from July to October or during the monsoon when the beauty is at its peak due to rainy surroundings. 

Also after the monsoon up to December, one can visit. Obviously, nature’s aura in monsoon and in winters is completely different. But the beauty of the waterfall is intact till December.

The Mandovi river of Goa, which is the main river, gets its way through western ghats and gets crashed at the Goa and Karnataka border hence the Dudhsagar waterfall forms. While planning to visit goa don’t forget to cover this mighty waterfall. Experience the goal beyond the beaches and parties.


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