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Curtain Cleaning and Maintenance at Home - Today Magazine News
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Curtain Cleaning and Maintenance at Home

Curtain Cleaning and Maintenance at Home


Curtains are an integral element of the interior of a modern house. The colour style of curtains play an important role, but even the most refined, but poorly hanging curtains can ruin the look of any room. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your curtains enhance the windows and overall look of your home.

First of all, you need to choose the right type of cornice or profile, taking into account the style and design of the curtains. Curtains with drawstrings, hinges and curtains with eyelets are designed to be strung directly on the curtain rod.

Small and other fashionable drape pleats are best suited for hanging on profile and ceiling cornices, although you can hang curtains in a pleat on a round cornice using hooks and rings.

Using drapery tape will help you hang your curtains neatly over your windows. Hooks are recommended to be attached to the tape after 6-8 cm. After that, they begin to hang the curtains: they are tucked into the tracks of the ceiling cornice, or they are attached to the rod rings.

The materials used for the manufacture of curtains are varied: heavy dense velvets and velours, the finest organza and veil, smooth silky satins and satins. Curtains are often complex textiles with several layers of different fabrics, lambrequins, tassels and other details. On average, one window accounts for 10 to 50 square meters of fabric. For hygiene, cleanliness and allergy prevention purposes, curtains should be cleaned regularly.

Preparing for Cleaning

Curtains, like any object, trap dust, particles of tobacco smoke, animal hair, pollen and other contaminants. If we want to keep our home clean, then cleaning the curtains is indispensable.

First, you need to remove the curtains from the cornices. For plastic and aluminium profiles, remove the side plugs now the curtains and curtains will easily slip off when you move them to the edge. Remove all metal hooks, plastic hooks can be left on. To remove the product on the grommets, you will have to remove the bar from the brackets and allow the grommets to smoothly roll off them. Keep them from falling from a height so as not to damage them. The product with eyelets can be washed in a washing machine, but when handed over to dry cleaning, they must be removed.

Next, check any attached tags and special care icon labels. Follow all recommendations. If you sewed curtains to order, your designer will give these recommendations. If you yourself bought fabrics and know exactly their name and composition, then you can see the recommendations for washing these fabrics.

Weekly and Monthly Care

Airing Curtains

Airing is the easiest and most effective way to keep curtains fresh. Open the window wide, move the curtains and let them blow in the wind for several hours. The smell of dust that eventually appears in the curtains will disappear. If you can carry out this procedure at least once every few weeks, your curtains will stay fresh and clean for a long time.

Cleaning Curtains with a Vacuum Cleaner

Curtains can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Regular removal of dust is necessary so that its particles do not eat into the fibres of the fabric, because once the dust penetrates the structure of the fabric, it is not easy to remove it. You need to clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner with a special soft brush nozzle, paying special attention to their inside, folds and fringe.

Steam Treatment

To freshen up your curtains, you can use a steam generator. But you should know that steam cleaning removes only dust from the surface of the curtains. Also, fabrics made from natural fibres and their mixtures should not be steam treated.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are cleaned at least once a year. Curtains of light shades and curtains made of expensive fabrics should be cleaned every six months.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a curtain cleaning methods.

The complexity of the model/design of curtains;

Curtains with an abundance of draperies, folds, as well as such decorative elements as fringes, ribbons, tassels, braids, flowers, cannot be washed in a washing machine without damaging the product. Such curtains are dry-cleaned only. The more complex the design of your curtains, the more delicate the cleaning should be.

General Recommendations for the Care of Curtains

  • Protect curtains from mechanical damage; do not allow various chemicals to get on the fabric.
  • Before placing the curtains in the washing machine, they must be carefully folded, preferably in a special mesh laundry bag. In no case do not push the curtains in a lump, do not wash with other things.
  • It is undesirable to bleach curtains.
  • Dry the curtains in a straightened form
  • Do not dry curtains in direct sunlight.

Curtain Care

Curtain rods can be cleaned with household liquid cleaners and a soft brush to remove dust from cracks, decorative details, and the inside of curtain rod rings and hooks.

Periodically spray a cleaner with an anti-static agent on the cornice and top of the curtains to keep house dust from accumulating there.


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