Cold Calling Strategies to Get You More Leads

Cold Calling Strategies to Get You More Leads


Is your cold calling program working? The fact that you’ve clicked onto this article suggests that it’s at least not working as well as you originally hoped. In this guide, we’ve highlighted some strategies to use as well as some mistakes to avoid to master the art of cold calling and cold emailing this year! 

Don’t Knock the Competition 

It’s easy to speak about how bad the competitors are, right? You want people to think that your business is the best around. In many cases, however, belittling the competition actually has the opposite effect. Rather than talking badly about competitors, focus on talking your services up – then, the listener will draw the connection without your help. After putting lots of hard work into optimizing your business, don’t ruin it by talking so much about the competition that leads switch off. 

Lose the Script 

But…what will I say? Do you really still need the script to connect with people? The fact that you’re reading this guide suggests that the script isn’t working anyway. In 2022, people are bored of scripted conversations. If you have a script, the person might as well be talking to a robot. These days, prospective leads want to talk to people – real people. Please, they will tell you, lose the script. 

Why not try organic conversations with leads? Talk about their pain points, learn a little about them, and connect in a way that will make them want to buy your products or services. Of course, the caller will need to use their experience to gauge whether a call is likely to end in a sale. 

Benefits, Not Features 

Another important cold-calling strategy to get more leads is to focus on the benefits of your product rather than the features. Ever heard a commercial for a device and had no idea what they were talking about? The company will discuss gigahertz, gigabytes, revs per minute, and other features. What people really want to hear is how the product fits into their lives. 

Using a car as an example, how much room does it have in the boot? Will they fit their children in the back? How will it keep them safe? Whatever the product or service, sell the benefits rather than the features. Above all else, this helps the prospective lead to picture the product in their lives rather than switching off as you rattle through the fifth page of amazing features. 

Contact an Agency 

Next, don’t think that you’re alone in this journey. Why not consider contacting an experienced and reliable digital marketing agency like King Kong? Many agencies will come up with a full lead generation strategy on your behalf. By doing this, you have more time to concentrate on offering all new customers a positive experience. 

Do Your Homework 

Finally, always do some research before sending an email or picking up the phone. Whether selling to a business or an individual, show that you value their time by researching their needs. If you make a mistake early in the call, you’ll offend the listener because it shows them that you’ve done no research and aren’t interested in their needs at all. Instead, it suggests that you’re only interested in their money

How do you get more leads this year? Lose the script, focus on the benefits, contact an agency, and do your homework. Also, don’t spend minutes just talking badly about competitors. The very best strategy you can adopt this year is one that prioritizes genuine connections with people! 


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