Anxiety Healing Crystals

Anxiety Healing Crystals

Are you feeling anxious or stressed? Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Anxiety can manifest in numerous ways and can impact our daily lives, which is why many people are now looking for natural ways to soothe their emotions.

Amethyst has been revered for generations, for its’ stunning appearance and legendary soothing properties. Read on to find out how this wonderful crystal can improve your mental wellbeing and help you unwind and relax in everyday life.

1. Black tourmaline:

It is known for its knockdown effect on anxiety. It is even known for its ability to control panic attacks.

This pitch-black ravishing crystal has a powerful electromagnetic field around it like a shield that aids in its healing properties.

2. Morganite:

It is a lovely crystal known for how it prevents energy swings, tensions, pounding of the heart due to anxiety. It puts back the mediative nature in you and creates peace for your mind.

3. Amethyst:

It is a wonder crystal when it comes to calming powers, it calms down your stress, it clears your mind from being clouded.

4. Lapis Lazuli:

This brilliant blue crystal, its angelic nature is an unbeatable remedy for anxiety.  This crystal helps you to find the real 999 angel number meaning of peace.

5. Rose quartz:

This adorable pinkish crystal can make it impossible not to love, it has remarkable positive energy around it. It will make you fall in love with yourself. It will make you feel alive.

6. Lava stone:

As you can say from its name this is an enchanting crystal that came all the way from the center of the earth. Even though it is coming from the most dynamic place on earth, this has the capability of getting rid of all sorts of negative thoughts and inducing positivity and calmness in your mind.

7. Fluorite:

This aesthetic crystal with its rainbow colors is nothing but a piece of joy. Just like its appearance, this brings joy and energy back into life. It soothes the mental pain and heals your anxiety.

8. Moonshine:

Just like the moon in the dark sky, its presence is bliss for your anxiety. Its feminine energy can’t go unnoticed. If your anxiety made you feel disconnected, lost from the present, worry not, this is the crystal for you to get back on track. It erases anxiety like it is not even there before.

9. Hematite:

This is an illustrious metallic-looking crystal that absorbs anxiety like a sponge. This crystal will ensure your frequencies are aligned with the earth’s natural frequencies which will prevent you from being lost in the rabbit hole of thoughts.

10. Kyanite anxiety:

This an angelic-looking crystal, this crystal can bring your chakras back to their positions, relives your pounding heart, clams your soul, and makes you ready for the chaotic world.

11. Shungite:

It filters all the negative energy from your soul leaving it purified. It creates balance in your thoughts. Your newly found positive energy helps you to deal with whatever the world has to offer.

12. SmokeyQuartz:

Your source of anxiety can often be fear. This crystal can inculcate the strength and courage you need to fight back your fears. Its purifying power can stimulate your inner peace.

13. Rhodonite:

Trauma which is defined as mental injury in vague terms can cause chronic panic attacks and extreme levels of anxiety. Rhodonite which is an attractive crystal has the ability to heal deep-rooted trauma and its symptoms like anxiety.

14. Amazonite:

This crystal has the ability to transform all of your negative energy into positive energy. This is a perfect crystal for people with tempered and furious minds.

15. Auqmarine:

Just like the sight of the ocean this crystal has an instant calming effect on your soul. Just the sound of waves at the ocean soothes your mind, this clams down your nerves and lets you take that chill pill.

16. TigerEye:

Your choices are often affected by how you feel and anxiety undoubtfully has the highest effect on your decision-making ability, to prevent the cloudiness in your thinking you can use tiger eye crystal with its golden bands on it, which will give you a golden opportunity of moving forward.

17. TurquoiseHowlite:

This crystal has a cooling effect just by its appearance. If anger is the source of your anxiety, you must try this crystal. It’s like magic how it brings anger issues under control.

18. Citrine Anxiety:

Anxiety often causes self-doubt, Citrine is the one that can make you feel that last ray of hope and faith. It will bring back balance in the thoughts that your mind has been craving.

19. BlueLace Agate Anxiety:

Anxiety will pull your confidence level to zero making it difficult even to speak up. Your confidence can be restored with the healing powers of Blue Lace Agate crystal.

20. Lepidolite:

Irrespective of what’s happening in the world, Lepidolite creates an aura of calmness and peace around you. It works like medicine on your anxiety 1010 angel number.

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