3 benefits of a louvred roof system

3 benefits of a louvred roof system

With an outdoor living space, you might want to invite your family and friends over for a party or a special occasion. If your backyard has sufficient space, your entire house will feel expansive and welcoming, making it a successful party. It would be best to keep in mind as the weather is unpredictable and can put a crimp on your plans. So, you can integrate a louvred roof system or a louvre roof in your outdoor design for the perfect party on an unseasonable hot day or unexpected rainstorm. But what exactly is a louvred roof system? This system consists of similar technology as a shutter or a window blind. Due to their advanced level of design, they can be found protecting backyards, pools and outdoor kitchen spaces. You can embrace your natural surroundings and allow entertaining elements such as bar and fire pits outdoors to make your home appealing. To know the benefits, you can keep reading this article. But before that, get to know how the louvred roof systems work?

How does the louvred roof system work?

The louvred roof systems consist of slanted horizontal slats that open and close as the sun, wind, shade, and rain respond. Louvred roof systems at their closed position allow the rain channels to go over the lip and flow onto the ground. When it comes to sunny days or summer, the closed slats ensure protection and add coolness. You can either attach it to your home or build it separately. 

What are the advantages of a louvred roof system?

Adjustable and custom-designed louvred roof systems are conversation starters in a memorable and intimate get-together. You can learn about the benefits of a louvred roof system if you read below. 

  1. It provides ventilation: If your louvre roof consists of extruded aluminium, it can maximise the flow of the air through the covered area. Hence, louvred roof systems provide ventilation at the exterior of your home. For instance, you might want to have an outdoor kitchen at your home. You can install this system and transform your covered area into an outdoor space since it helps clear out the steam or smoke with ease. Louvres can provide full protection against the wind when they are fully closed. However, you need to ensure that the materials have adequate strength to withstand storms and cyclones. 
  2. It is energy-efficient: Making your home energy-efficient with louvres is effortless. Don’t want sunlight to breach into the interiors? You can close the louvres when the weather heats up tremendously—keeping the heat out means that you can stay cool without relying on exorbitant appliances during the summers. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, you will be reducing the carbon footprint and helping the environment. 
  3. It increases the resale value: Do you require a return on investment with the louvres? It depends upon the design of the outdoor space and the quality of the materials. For instance, the house’s current design area must be spacious to impress the buyers. If it is cramped and doesn’t complement the design of the house, it might not be sufficient to justify a higher resale price. When it comes to the material quality,” “you get what you pay for” is applicable for the louvre roofs. Well, it means that cheaper materials will unlikely be able to withstand the climate of Australia. Due to the installation of the cheaper materials, you might begin noticing the signs of ageing in the form of warping, mould, decay, fungi, splinters, rust, fading and so on. Although the average return on investment can vary significantly, you can ensure an 80 per cent ROI with the louvre roof systems.


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